I will design any banner header facebook timeline Google plus And NEW Twitter Cover for $5


  • I have 5 years experiences in designing side.

Professional looking  Cover Photo,  Twitter Cover, Facebook time line, google plus , photo editing , photoshop , illustrator ,

  • Professional design will help you to :

anything easily.

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Deliver your Banner in .jpg or .png format.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    • Facebook Timeline Covers
    • Google Plus Covers
    • Twitter Headers / Covers
    • Youtube Covers
    • Banners
    • Headers


    Looking forward to WORK with YOU …

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This is 1 gig per service… Contact me first for more details.



My Travel Confessions

On the Luce

I’ve been travelling for almost 20 years now – and blogging about it for the last two. So when I get occasional emails from new bloggers or people planning their next trip, I love helping out and sharing my advice and experiences.

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One Room, Magically Transformed


Korean artist Jee Young Lee eschews Photoshop. Through painstaking attention to detail, she transforms her tiny 3.6 x 4.1 x 2.4-meter studio into surreal, fantastical settings. The sometimes-unsettling scenes from Body of Work take inspiration from Korean fairy tales and Lee’s personal life, ranging from a literal interpretation of a common Korean expression to an industrial take on her neighborhood in Seoul. But her work, which we spotted on BOOOOOOOM!, still seems a little unbelievable, even when you know she’s spent weeks or months on each set. The results are breathtaking.

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The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr

what you lose if you see that making money from fiverr gooooo

5 dollars design


The website Fiverr.com offers an enticing proposition to users: Buy (or sell) any service for $5 a pop. There’s no need to negotiate pricing or to fret too much about hiring the right person for an extended job. If you’re a small business with the need to offload some short-term work, such as graphic design or copyediting, you can find a willing worker with a few clicks.

Micha Kaufman, co-founder and chief executive of Fiverr, says simplicity was his original goal when he and his co-founder launched the site in early 2010. “Today, everyone has a talent that someone else needs. [We thought], ‘How cool would it be to put these amazing talents together in one place?'” While other freelance marketplaces were more onerous, requiring price negotiation and back-and-forth to define the scope of work, Kaufman says at Fiverr, the initial focus on a single price point ($5) takes that…

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I will design your adwords banner for $5

what you lose if you see that!!

5 dollars design



your customers will be impressed they’ll be confident that they’re dealing with professionals. 

And you’ll be proud every time you hand over a banner,header or cover.
I’ve learned it takes more than just another pretty banner. It takes a combination of good design and an insight on what attracts eyes and induces action.
our offers a wide variety of graphic design packages to suit all

types of businesses. Within our range, you will find the right one for your business.

I will work with you, in promoting and marketing your website and establishing your presence in the world wide web. I can prepare an ads for you in jpg,png formats. My banner ads are eye catching, sleek and unique. As my graphics will help you drive as much traffic and sales into your website.

  • I can deliver you the work within 24 hours,Starting from only $5, you can…

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Design a Landing Page Mockup in Photoshop

5 dollars design

The landing page is a crucial element in regards to web design. Its effectiveness can translate to increased conversions, increased profits and sales or a failing business. Most times your website visitors will see your landing page first so it is important to make a good impression. While you may know that the landing page’s main goal is to get the visitor to take action, whether it is downloading an app or buying a product, it doesn’t mean you know how to design one. You can learn more about the Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page.

In today’s tutorial you will learn how to design your own mockup landing page in Photoshop. This will allow you to set up elements in a desirable manner and see what works best before you begin the actual website building, so let’s get started.

Resources That You Need

iPhone 4s Vector
Candy Blur…

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