I Design you an Amazing and Attractive and Professional Website Banner or Header


Hi there thank you for stopping by!! Check out my work in the above slider or feedback section below…they pretty much do all the talking for me 😀

And here’s the info I need:

  • The URL to your site
  • The DIMENSION in pixel or inch(very important, width by height)
  • The specific TEXT(including button text if any and the font type if specific font is needed)

Also, if you have any important images i.e. logo, product images, stock images, headshot…etc, pls send them as well.

Ok, you have a pleasant day! -taylor

PS: If you saw something “amazing” in my portfolio, that’s probably because the client paid more than $15 😉

So for this $5 gig, I’ll design and send you a static banner/header in one size and one format(PNG or JPEG or GIF) along with a free round(or 2) of minor revisions.  Pls check out my gig extras for additional requests.

And you’ll be glad to know that I do refunds but pls pity me and consider the effort I have put in for the $3.92(after deducting fiverr and paypal fees) I earn before asking for one :D. And if you think I did great, pls help me out with a tip or 2 in the form of gig extras(which can be ordered after I have delivered).



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