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‘My Heart’ new music by IvySoul, written by Kendall F. Person

The Neighborhood

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 The Neighborhood – an original online, art house collaborative of visual, recording, performance & written-word artists is proud to present our first original song. Developed, written, performed and recorded in just 5 days, by four people whom have never met face to face.

My Heartperformed by IvySoul Robinson, Philadelphia Pennsylvania produced by Keith Montgomery aka Fiyaman, Baltimore, Marylandrecorded at the studios of James Pattishaw, P-Shaw Productions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaand written by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger, Sacramento, California

Ladies & Gentlemen….. the World Premiere of

My Heart


Long ago – in a distant time – of the same world we were gifted – gifted life,- and a mother earth free will – to design –  a heart  to spread the word One day – we believed – Man was king and we would walk away – turn our back on-  the Supreme And my heart…

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Our Featured Presentation: Nonprofits the invisible hands

The Neighborhood

I have found that among its other benefits
giving liberates the soul of the giver.
– Maya Angelou

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Sometimes dreams do come true. When we are children, we dream all the time. Dreams of Santa Claus coming down the chimney with a bag of toys and ushering in good cheer. We dream of Disneyland and riding the fastest roller coaster, arms held high, screaming in delight. We have nightmares too, but those do not last, because we know our parents will protect us from the ghosts and goblins and all of those monsters hiding underneath our beds. We close our eyes and return to paradise. Dreams of sugar plum fairies and soaring with the wind. We dream of all good things, because when we are children we believe that all things are good.

As adults, dreams do not go away. They become based on reality, however, no longer the…

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